Saturday, August 5, 2017

Love Girls

Why guys love girls? Girls are one of the best things in life --- almost every guy will admit this fact. Guys are into girls --- including those who say they're not into girls. They can lie about that, I swear. However, even though guys are, naturally, into girls, they still have certain preferences when it comes to someone they will actually like. You need to understand the concept that men, like women, have standards as well. And most of the time, they rely to the signals that you send them before the green light flashes and it's their cue to finally approach you. It's actually never that hard to attract a guy. To make it easier for you, here are the seven reasons why girls love guys --- and finally know the things he totally loves about you:

Because you're sweet and lovable. Hey, that's what girls are made of! When a guy thinks about a girl he particularly likes, he instantly feels good. Most often than not, it is followed by a feeling of misery when a guy realizes he can't be with her (but that's a topic for another time). All in all, it's always great if you show your girly side --- men just find that very hard to resist. Because you always look and smell good. We all know we girls love to prep up and retouch and all that stuff --- and it can have a lot advantages too. Of course, it's always great to just be simple and carefree but it won't hurt if you try to spray a bit of cologne and put color in your cheeks sometimes, too. Because you get happy over little things. One of the best things about being a girl is that we have a soft heart. Most of us, that is. And guys just find this completely adorable. When you get happy over a rainbow or because of a cute puppy, guys just have an instant urge to give you a big warm hug. Because you're simple and down-to-earth. Guys always have issues with women who have has a tendency to be high maintenance. You won't go out to dinner if it's not in an expensive restaurant or if you're having a bad hair day --- come on, it's not the end of the world. Guys would appreciate it if you take it easy. Because you're confident. You know how to carry yourself well and is not scared to show who you really are. Being confident immediately makes you more beautiful and sexier. You'd rather tell him about your opinions and listen to his as well, instead of acting dumb and stupid (which some girls would think cute). Not. Because you show that you can take care of yourself. Independence is another instant turn on to men --- sure, you're cute and adorable and all that but that doesn't mean you need someone to babysit you as well. Show that you can take care of yourself and he'll be more inspired to take care of you. Because you're cute and don't pretend to be someone else. Being your absolute true normal self is always a great way to attract a man. It means you don't try too hard to impress him and you're actually giving him the option to like you for being you. And nothing else can be more beautiful than that. So why does guy's love girl's? Pretty simple isn't it? The answer is right there all along. Just be your absolute adorable self and guy's will be the one's approaching you. It's never hard to be liked. You must, however, like yourself first. Everything else will just follow.

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